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Roy Francis: The First Black To Play Rugby In U.K. And Went On To Become The Sport’s Best Coach

Roy Francis the First Black to Play Rugby in Uk and Went on to Become the Sport | How Africa News's Best Coach
Roy Francis the First Black to Play Rugby in Uk and Went on to Become the Sports Best Coach


He retired as one of the top trainers of his generation. You would be correct if you described him as having established the groundwork for many modern coaching methods today. Roy Francis was the first Black person to play rugby for Britain in 1947, and he went on to become the UK’s first Black coach at Hull FC in 1955.

According to the BBC, despite the harsh hostility he endured in the sport, he remained steadfast in not letting the color of his skin become a hindrance to his lifetime desire. He was one of the best players in his era, but that was not enough for him because he wanted to change the face of rugby.

Francis had a difficult childhood, even as a baby. He was born to a white mother and a West Indian father. His mother was forced to abandon him because her family was opposed to having a mixed-race child. Rebecca Francis, an African-American woman, later adopted Francis.

When the Second World War put a short halt to rugby league, he joined the army. His love for the game drove him to practice and play everywhere he went. He joined the army rugby team, played for Dewsbury, and made 57 appearances as a guest for Yorkshire. During the wartime period, he gained his breakthrough when he traveled to play Barrow. He was invited by the British squad.

Francis encountered racism for the first time when he was dropped from the British rugby squad during a match against Australia. He was sidelined at a time when he was one of the top rugby players in the country. He had reservations because he had given his life in the war to ensure Britain’s victory. However, club administrators were concerned that adding Francis to the roster might spark controversy.

Australia was practicing racial segregation and a color bar at the time, which harmed Britain’s team in the game. Francis was the team’s most talented winger. After retiring from playing for other teams in Britain, Francis set his sights on becoming the first Black head coach in any sport, leading Hull.

What distinguished him as a coach was largely due to his approaches and strategies. He focused on psychology and relationship-building tactics such as offering free transportation to all of the players’ games for their families. These tactics are one of the reasons for his outstanding performance at the East Yorkshire club. He won the East Yorkshire club’s Championship in 1956 and 1958. In addition, he coached them in two Challenge club finals in 1959 and 1960.

Despite racial tensions, his actions earned him admiration from fans and Hull residents. He implemented a nutrition plan and player development in his team, which culminated in the enormous strides he achieved in the city. One of his psychological strategies was to invite his injured star players to his home for drinks or a meal and have heart-to-heart talks with them. This approach has become one of many modern coaches’ preferred strategies.

Francis got a lot of affection and support from the community. This was demonstrated when Hull recruited Mervyn McMillan, a South African full-back, in 1957. McMillan was upset that his coach was Black, implying that Francis would not be able to coach in his (McMillan’s) home country.

McMillan was fired with immediate effect after making no appearances for Hull. Francis paused his coaching at Hull in 1963 to coach the Leeds club. At the West Yorkshire club, he transformed the manner of play. In 1968, Francis led Leeds to one of the most famous Challenge Cup finals in history.

The game’s difficult nature earned it the nickname Watersplash Final, and Leeds won the Challenge trophy with an 11-10 victory over its opponent. Leeds won the day in history, but Francis established himself as the best coach of his generation.

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