Retired Atlanta Man Runs Mobile Laundry Service for the Homeless

Nicky Crawford runs a mobile laundry van that serves Atlanta’s rising homeless population. He obtained the mobile laundry facility with the assistance of Georgia Tech engineering students, who helped him repurpose a school bus.

On Wednesday, he opened the laundry facility at the Juneteenth Block Party in collaboration with organizations such as PAD (Policing Alternatives & Diversion Initiative), Morehouse School of Medicine, the Department of Veterans Affairs, and neighborhood barbers.

He said the motive is to allow the homeless to get clean clothes for the week. “What we’re trying to do is get them clothes they can have for the week so they can change clothes because a lot of times it’s not them that smell, it’s the clothes,” Crawford told 11 Alive News. 

Crawford has already launched socially responsible businesses. In 2022, he inaugurated a mobile shower for the homeless community beside Grady Hospital, which includes sinks, toilets, and showers and serves at least 50 individuals every week. In addition, the facility provides towels, toiletries, underwear, and socks to its visitors.

“When you actually sit down and talk to them, it’s just a family member. A family member who had a rough time. So we can all do something. Maybe not this. But we can all do something to help the unhoused in the Atlanta area,” Crawford said in an interview with WSB-TV Atlanta. 

Prior to starting his social ventures, he was an administrator but took his current path to help the homeless and unhoused community.

“God has blessed me so much, I knew this is what I was supposed to be doing,” Crawford said in a 2023 interview.

Crawford administers his activities through the nonprofit company Flowing with Blessings. The group helps the homeless people with basic human necessities like haircuts, bathing, health screenings, and meals.

“At Flowing with Blessings, we believe that every person deserves to feel clean, comfortable, and valued. With our services, we aim to empower those facing homelessness and help them rebuild their lives with dignity.”


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