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REPORT: Indians Spent Almost €6.1 Million in German Schengen Visa Fees in 2022

76,352 persons filed for a Schengen Visa in India during 2022, bringing the total cost of Schengen visa application costs in India to more than €6.1 million.

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According to Schengen Statistics, 76,352 persons paid a €80 cost for their visa application to Germany, with the biggest amount being spent at the Mumbai consulate – a total of €4.4 million, according to

The consulates in New Delhi and Bangalore come in second and third, with about €1.1 million and €508,000 spent on visa application fees, respectively, and a total of 13,341 applicants in New Delhi and 6,345 in Bangalore.

According to the same statistics, 13 visas were not issued at the Bangalore consulate, resulting in expenses of €1,040 for these applicants, while expenses for applicants who had their visa applications denied in the Mumbai consulate totaled €586,800, as a total of 7,335 visas were not issued.

Similarly, the consulate in New Delhi rejected 1,519 applications, costing €121,520 in lost expenses, while the Kolkota and Chennai consulates rejected three and five applications, respectively, costing €240 and €400 in visa fees.

In general, India is the third most populous country in terms of Schengen visa applicants, with 671,928 applications totaling €53.7 million, trailing only Russia and Turkey.

Russian citizens submitted 687,239 applications, while Turkish applicants submitted 778,409 applications, for a total of €54.9 million and €62.2 million in visa application fees, respectively.

Furthermore, 24 airport transit visa applications were reported at the Bangalore Consulate, in addition to 122 in Mumbai, 20 in New Delhi, and one in Chennai, bringing the total number of applications for this transit visa to 167. Except for the Mumbai and New Delhi consulates, where the non-issuance percentage for ATVs was 16.7% and 25%, respectively, the recognition rate was generally high.

The greatest rate of uniform visas not issued was recorded in the Mumbai consulate – 12.9% – and roughly 10.8% in New Delhi, although the same rates of not issued ATVs and uniform visas applications are evident – 12.9% in Mumbai and 10.9% in New Delhi.

Disclaimer: The information above regarding visa application expenses of Indian nationals throughout 2022 only refers to applications filed for a German visa, submitted at five existing consulates in India; Bangalore, Chennai, Kolkata, Mumbai and New Delhi.

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