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Remarkable Achievement: Black Student From Mississippi Earns $1.4M in Scholarships

Dana Bolden, a senior at Jim Hill High School in Jackson, Mississippi, has already received more than $1.4 million in scholarships in just three months of her senior year.

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On October 12, the school honored Bolden for his outstanding scholarship achievement. Teachers, staff, and classmates gathered to applaud her.


Bolden, who has a 3.8 GPA, chose to apply to many schools. She has been accepted to 34 of the 60 schools she applied to, with more on the way.


“A lot of students only look at Mississippi schools. And I feel like if you only limit yourself to schools in the state or where you’re from, then you’re not going to reach the full potential that you can reach,” she told WJTV.


After she graduates, Bolden said she has plans to pursue a major in biology.


Meanwhile, school administrators remarked that Bolden had accomplished a tremendous feat for a high school student, especially so early in the school year.

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