Protesters Shout “Not My King” as Members of the Royal Family Attend Commonwealth Day


As members of the Royal Family came for Commonwealth Day on March 13, angry protestors ringed Westminster Abbey, shouting anti-monarchy slogans.


Pictures circulated online show a group waving yellow placards with the words “Not My King” in front of the 11th-century chapel while waiting for King Charles to come with other members of the royal family for his first Commonwealth Day ceremony as king.


Republic, an anti-monarchy organization, announced yesterday, March 13, that they were planning a protest at the spot in preparation for the King’s visit.



In a statement, they also outlined their ongoing intention to disrupt the coronation celebrations, which they labelled a “pointless parade”.


Speaking for Republic, Graham Smith said: “We are continuing a series of protests against the monarchy in the lead up to the coronation. Charles’s pointless parade will cost £50-100m and yet it is entirely unnecessary.”


“In light of recent arrests, we’re determined to get the message across that it’s ok to protest against the royals.”


The organised protest saw a number of yellow placards held aloft together to spell “not my King”. One of the protestors, a white woman, was also seen holding a placard which read “racist Royal Family”.



Protesters were seen shouting and blowing whistles as the King and Queen Consort exited the royal car across the street.


It follows a similar protest by Republic in Colchester last week as part of their activities leading up to the coronation.



Unruly situations included a man with a microphone calling out to the King to “come and talk to your critics” as he and the Queen Consort disembarked their car after a visit to the newly-appointed city.


Back in February, another high-profile Republic protest took place in Milton Keynes, with the monarch being heckled as he entered the Church of Christ the Cornerstone for a civic event.


Watch a video from the scene below.


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