Profiling George Washington Carver, An African-American Inventor And Scientist

George Washington Carver
George Washington Carver


George Washington Carver was a well-known African-American inventor and scientist. Carver was known for his devised research on the major crop of peanuts. This great scientist was born in slavery where each person was concerned to be a slave and had to serve the upper community. His desire for supreme knowledge and love to develop something great for the humankind made him a great scientist of his time. Along with being a great researcher he also taught in different institutions to continue his goal of being a great scientist.

Born in 1864 into the slavery in Diamond, Missouri, George Washington Carver was a well-known, botanist, scientist and an inventor. He was born to one of many children of Giles and Mary who was an enslaved couple owned by the slaveholder Moses Carver. Carver was born at the time of Civil War where blacks were nothing but slaves to the White elite. After his birth, he along with his sister and mother was kidnapped by the raiders from the Carver farm and were sold in Kentucky. Among all three, only George was located by the personnel of Moses Carver and was then returned to Missouri.

It was the Civil War that brought an end to the slavery in the state of Missouri. George and his brother James got lucky and got the opportunity to be raised by Susan and Moses Carver who raised and educated both the two boys. At that time no local schools would accept Black students, and it was Susan who taught them to read and write. And this beginning brought George Carver to pursue some major search for knowledge for the rest of his life. He moved away from home to attend series of schools and institutions to complete his diploma at the Minneapolis High School in Kansas.

After prolonged education in Science, he finally utilized himself to do biological experiments and tried his best to compile a geological collection. He later joined the Tuskegee Institute in 1896 to run their agricultural department. The institution got recognition because of Carver’s leadership as he did some intense research on the methods of crop rotation and developed the method of growing alternative cash crops in the areas having heavily grown cotton. He also did a scientific research and developed around 100 products from one major crop, and that was nothing but a peanut.

George Washington Carver received immense honors throughout his life and became a legacy for people who love to do research and procure inventions. He died because of a hard fall from a flight of stairs and was found unconscious by his maid. Sadly, he died because of complications and left the world leaving his utmost knowledge and courage to invent something unusual.


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