Prince Harry Likely to Return to the UK Without His Wife – Royal Expert

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are currently living in the United States, away from royal obligations.

However, there is a possibility that Prince Harry’s marriage is not as ideal as his PR team would have us believe.

Historian and historian Hugo Vickers predicts Prince Harry’s return to the Royal Family within a decade, but without Meghan Markle.

What did Hugo Vickers say?

When asked about their future, Vickers was clear that Prince Harry will be back in the United Kingdom sooner rather than later.

“I think he’ll come home. If he comes home, it will be very nice for him, because he won’t particularly want to, he’s quite angry I think,” Vickers told The Sun.

“Yes, I do [think Harry will come home along], the King has left the door wide open for him to do that.

“He was doing such a good job before…he looked so happy. Usually, you’re happy when you’re doing your duty for others, contributing to life.”

Vickers expressed concerns about Harry’s relationship with Meghan, suggesting that she holds an unhealthy level of control over Prince Harry.

“I think he’s petrified of losing her and looks slightly petrified of her, to be honest. It’s a horrible syndrome to get into,” Vickersadmitted.

“It’s unforgivable what Meghan did to the Queen.

“She’s caused a bigger crisis than the death of Diana.”

Despite showing initial passion for a life full of media responsibilities in America, there is a shared sense amongst both Vickers and Matt Wilkinson that Prince Harry regrets leaving his royal duties behind.

“They were full of ideas – waking up at 5 am with new plans. I am disappointed they have gone to America after turning on the Royal Family with all their shows,” Wilkinson added.

“I don’t think that is the life Harry maybe wanted.”

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