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Prince Harry Likely to be Snubbed Completely in King Charles’ Will

King Charles Prince Harry
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King Charles Prince Harry


Prince Harry, the Duke of Sussex who, according to the Daily Mail, “resents being clubbed together” with his uncle Prince Andrew Duke of York “in the public mind as the two problem Princes”.

The Duke of Sussex and his uncle, Prince Andrew, are linked by “some really awful news about wills,” according to Daniela Elser.

Meanwhile, Andrew, the most polluted and toxic royal since German aristocracy began hanging out with that guy Adolph, refuses to move into Harry’s UK residence, Frogmore Cottage.

Nevertheless, whether they like it or not, both men are now bonded by something else: some very unpleasant news regarding wills. Over the weekend, it was claimed that the late Queen had given her whole $676 million inheritance to her eldest son and proud new crown owner King Charles, dealing a blow to grasping, perpetually-seemingly-in-the-red Andrew.

Yet, in a blow to Harry, the reason why very certainly means he will be excluded from his father Charles’ will. According to The Sun, Andrew is “confused” after not receiving a single penny from his previous number one admirer, Queen Elizabeth.

According to a friend, the king “checked” to see if his mother had scribbled a will on the back of a Dick Francis novel, and now the UK’s most worthless former trade ambassador is “desperate” at not having been left a brass razoo.

This is a man who decided to go on a holiday with a registered sex offender; who spent an hour on television pretending he was a huge victim of Jeffrey Epstein while not once mentioning the untold women abused by the paedophile; and who later decided to tar and feather a former teen sex trafficking victim.

Ms Elser says in an op-ed for the New Zealand Herald that Andrew apparently receiving nothing from the late Queen Elizabeth II’s will is a foreshadowing of what Harry may face.

She claims that in the early 1990s, Elizabeth II determined that the Royal Family would pay tax, but made an agreement that money passed directly from one royal to another would not be subject to the 40% inheritance tax.

The commentator says: “And that, obviously, has huge possible implications for one Prince Harry, whose brother Prince William could therefore very well inherit everything from Charles.

“This inheritance situation only exacerbates further the already canyon-sized gap that exists between William and Harry when it comes to moolah.”

She argues the irony of this position is that Harry is in “far more need” of money, having “fled the palace coop”.

Ms Elser, on the other hand, believes Harry could benefit from a settlement comparable to the one Elizabeth II gave for Princess Anne, Prince Andrew, and Prince Edward when she was still living.


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