President Joe Biden’s Son Hunter Agrees to Plead Guilty on Federal Tax and Gun Charges

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Hunter Biden, US President Biden’s son, has agreed to plead guilty to tax crimes and unlawful possession of a weapon in a plea agreement reached with prosecutors, according to court papers filed Tuesday, June 20.

The plea deal, which must be accepted by a judge, would likely keep Hunter Biden out of jail, if he decided to plead not guilty and faced a long court trial .


Hunter Biden, 53, has been under investigation for tax matters since 2018, according to The Associated Press. He reportedly paid off his tax liability in 2020.


He was charged with two counts of willful failure to pay income tax. The third charge stems from possession of a firearm in 2018, a weapon he was in possession of while using crack cocaine. The president’s son has denied drug use when applying to secure the gun.


The White House, nor his father Biden has responded to the new reports as at press time.

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