President Biden’s Son Convicted On All Charges In Gun Case

On Tuesday, a jury found Hunter Biden guilty of federal firearms crimes, marking the first criminal conviction of a sitting US president’s kid.

The 54-year-old son of President Joe Biden was convicted of all three felony counts coming from his 2018 purchase of a pistol while drug-addicted.

The verdict comes as his father seeks reelection and on the same day that the Democratic president is slated to speak in Washington about gun violence.

The president extended his “love and support” for his son in a White House statement issued after the trial concluded in Biden’s hometown of Wilmington, Delaware.

“I am the President, but I am also a Dad,” Biden said. “Jill and I love our son, and we are so proud of the man he is today.”

“So many families who have had loved ones battle addiction understand the feeling of pride seeing someone you love come out the other side and be so strong and resilient in recovery,” he said.

“I will accept the outcome of this case and will continue to respect the judicial process as Hunter considers an appeal,” Biden added.

The 12-person jury deliberated for around three hours over two days before reaching a decision.

Hunter Biden did not testify during the one-week trial. Jill Biden, the First Lady, attended for several days.

Hunter Biden might face up to 25 years in prison, but as a first-time criminal, incarceration is improbable.

The verdict comes less than two weeks after Donald Trump, Joe Biden’s likely Republican opponent in the November presidential election, was convicted on business fraud charges.

The hearings, combined with another case in which Hunter Biden faces tax evasion accusations in California, have hindered Democrats’ attempts to keep the race focused on Trump, the first former president to be convicted of a felony.

Drug addiction

Hunter Biden’s legal problems have not only been a political distraction, but they have also exposed severe emotional wounds for his family from his time as a heroin user.

His brother Beau died of cancer in 2015, and his sister Naomi died as an infant in a 1972 vehicle accident that also killed their mother, Neilia, Joe Biden’s first spouse.

The Yale-trained lawyer and lobbyist-turned-artist was charged with falsely claiming that he was not unlawfully using drugs when he purchased a.38 caliber revolver in 2018.

He was also charged with unlawful possession of the firearm, which he had for only 11 days in October of that year.

The president’s son, who has written candidly about his addiction, stated that when he purchased the revolver, he did not consider himself an addict.

Hard-right Republicans have long targeted him, and Trump allies have conducted extensive congressional investigations into claims of corruption and influence peddling. No charges have ever been filed.

Hunter Biden’s business dealings in China and Ukraine have also prompted Republican senators to consider impeaching his father. Those efforts, too, proved futile.

The White House has stated that there would be no presidential pardon for Hunter Biden.

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