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Pregnant Chicago Woman Fatally Shot While Trying To Rob Someone, Police Say

Genesis Escobar
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Genesis Escobar


According to CBS News, a 21-year-old pregnant lady was tragically shot while attempting to rob some individuals in a vehicle in Chicago. Genesis Escobar was shot and died on Monday afternoon after getting into a car on Laramie Avenue and attempting to rob the occupants.

According to authorities, Escobar was hit in the shoulder, back, and hand before being dragged out of the automobile. Escobar was seven months pregnant, according to the deceased woman’s acquaintance. She further stated that the victim was a first-time mother.

People came to Escobar’s aid after the shooting before police responded to the scene. She was later pronounced dead at a hospital she was taken to. “My heart is broken in pieces,” the mother of Escobar’s friend, Iris Alvarez, said. “She was also seven months pregnant with a baby girl.”

Alvarez also said she and her daughter were sleeping when the sound of gunshots woke them up. She said they were left stunned when they saw what had happened. “They looked out the window and seen that the vehicle – someone opened the driver door, walked around the vehicle, pulled the body out, and drove off,” she recalled.

Witnesses also said the driver of the vehicle took out money before the deceased victim was abandoned on the streets. “They threw a bunch of money on top of her,” Alvarez said. When she was asked about what could have been the motive behind the money being left on Escobar, Alvarez said she did not know if the victim “was into some kind of trouble.”

Escobar’s unborn child did not also make it. “When we got to the hospital, unfortunately, the baby was not able to be saved – and she passed away as well,” Alvarez said.

Escobar’s friends also said she was excited about being a mother for the first time, CBS News reported. “I don’t care how much trouble you’re in,” said Alvarez. “I feel that for a person to do that to someone, doesn’t have a heart.”

Detectives are currently investigating the killing. Arrests are also yet to be made.

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