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Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI’s Final Words Before Death Revealed

Pope Emeritus Benedict XVIs final words before death revealed


Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI’s last words before he died have been revealed.



The former Pope died on Saturday, Dec,. 31, at the age of 95.


According to his longtime secretary, the Pope’s final words were, “Lord, I love you.”


Archbishop Georg Gaenswein quoted a nurse who was helping the 95-year-old and heard the words shortly before his death on New Year’s Eve.


The nurse recalled Benedict making the short statement at about 3 a.m. before he died later that morning, Gaenswein said.


“Benedict XVI, with a faint voice but in a very distinct way, said in Italian, ‘Lord, I love you,’” Gaenswein told the Vatican’s official media Sunday, Jan. 1.


“I wasn’t there in that moment, but the nurse a little later recounted it. They were his last comprehensible words, because afterwards, he wasn’t able to express himself any more.”



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