Patrick Soon-Shiong: South African-born Billionaire Has Made More Than $1 Billion in 2023

Patrick Soon-Shiong, a South African-born billionaire and cancer treatment developer, has seen his net worth skyrocket, amassing $540 million in only two weeks, bringing his year-to-date wealth gains to more than $1 billion.

Soon-Shiong’s net worth has climbed by $540 million in the last 14 days, rising to $9.97 billion on Nov. 27 from $9.43 billion on Nov. 13.

This current spike in his fortune corresponds to an average daily gain of $38.5 million since November 13, driving him closer to the $10 billion mark and cementing his position as one of Africa’s wealthiest billionaires.

Soon-Shiong experienced a difficult spell earlier this year, with his fortune dropping by millions of dollars. However, due to his consistent rise in fortune, the recent gain of $540 million has increased his year-to-date gain to $1.04 billion as of report writing.

His year-to-date wealth gains highlight his prominent role, as he is known for his pioneering contributions to cancer treatment in the worldwide healthcare sector, despite market challenges.

Soon-Shiong was the 213th wealthiest person in the world at the time of writing this report. He is behind American billionaire Tilman Fertitta, chairman and CEO of Fertitta Entertainment.

Soon-Shiong’s 80 percent investment in ImmunityBio, a late-stage immunotherapy firm at the forefront of creating cutting-edge cell and immunotherapy medicines, is one of the significant contributors to his billion-dollar fortune.

Soon-Shiong’s financial resurgence not only demonstrates his entrepreneurial prowess, but also reaffirms his position in healthcare and biotechnology — his contributions to cancer treatment and innovative ventures continue to shape the global healthcare landscape, establishing him as a notable figure in the industry.

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