Omaha Groom Suffers Fatal Blood Clot And Dies An Hour After Wedding Ceremony

Photo via GoFundMe
Photo via GoFundMe


What was intended to be a happy day for a newlywed Omaha couple and their loved ones turned tragedy when the husband developed a catastrophic blood clot and died one hour after their wedding ceremony.

According to KCCI-TV, Monday’s fatal incident occurred after Toraze and Johnnie Mae Davis stepped out to take pictures following their wedding ceremony. “It was the happiest day of Toraze’s life,” Johnnie Mae’s friend and ECO Supportive co-worker, Monica Miller, said.

“I could just see the smile on his face and how happy he was. And it’s just his energy. I just knew that he was just, it was a great day for him.” But tragedy struck after what was described as a beautiful wedding ceremony attended by the couple’s children, parents, friends, and other family members.

“His heart stopped for the first time at 4:35, just an hour after the ceremony had begun,” Johnnie Mae’s friend, Jewel Roberson, recalled. “Toraze suffered from a medical event that was not survivable.”

Toraze’s catastrophic medical problem occurred “in a split second,” according to Roberson. It happened in a matter of seconds…”Johnnie Mae has been through a lot, and she’s just such a sweet person,” Roberson continued.

The charity for which the grieving widow works concentrates on event planning and providing support to the elderly and disadvantaged. “Some of the community work that Johnnie Mae has done through her own efforts includes mentoring early entrepreneurs through the stages of business ownership and financial literacy,” Roberson told KCCI-TV.

“Johnnie Mae has dedicated her life to helping others, specifically aiming to protect the most vulnerable members. Johnnie Mae’s everyday life at ECO Living consists of managing the care network of support for the elderly and disabled.”

Miller also said: “At ECO Supportive Living, our motto is that we treat our clients like family. Johnnie Mae is a true living example of what that means. Johnny Mae Goes above and beyond for the elderly and disabled population that we serve. It doesn’t matter what time or how big the need is, Johnnie Mae is always willing to help. I’m asking that the community come together and Give back the same support she does continuously. I just really want the community and all of us to just support her in the same way that she does on a daily basis.”

GoFundMe, as well as other donation drives, have since been set up to help raise funds for Johnnie Mae. “She’s been widowed and married in a 10-minute span. She’s going to need lawn services. She’s going to need snow removal when the winter comes,” Roberson said.

Tonja Ross, a nurse and Johnnie Mae’s friend, also expressed hope that this tragic tragedy will emphasize the need of taking one’s health seriously. “You take it seriously every second, minute.” “You try to keep your health together so you can have more happy times and your life doesn’t end like this,” Ross emphasized.

“Not all medical emergencies may be avoided. Some, though, may be. Please take a lesson from this tragedy and attempt to stay on top of your and your family’s health by keeping your doctor up to date on any worries, signs, or symptoms and scheduling your yearly checkups.

There are labs, tests, therapies, and procedures that can help you figure out what’s wrong with your body. Also, be honest with your doctor; if you are not going to follow through on the recommended treatment, let them know; there may be another option that you are prepared to try. “It’s critical to stay active in your health so that your happiest day does not turn into the most devastating day of your life or the lives of your loved ones,” Ross added.

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