Nvidia’s Jensen Huang, 12th Richest Globally, Reveals His Greatest Life Lesson from a Gardener

Jensen Huang, CEO of Nvidia, recently shared a valuable life lesson with kids. Delivering the keynote talk at the California Institute of Technology, the founder of the world’s most valuable corporation said that he learned it from an unusual source – a gardener in Japan he met while traveling. During the graduating speech, Huang shared an experience from one of his overseas summer job travels. During a summer vacation in Japan with his family, he visited the Silver Temple in Kyoto. He noticed a gardener working attentively in a vast moss garden despite the stifling heat.

Huang approached the gardener, intrigued by his laborious effort with a bamboo tweezer. When asked what he was doing, the gardener replied that he was collecting dead moss and caring for his garden. Despite the garden’s huge size, the gardener appeared unconcerned about the onerous undertaking, claiming that he had been caring for it for 25 years and had plenty of time to complete his work.

The Nvidia CEO told students that this brief conversation had a lasting impression on him. The gardener’s passion and patience in tending to his trade taught Huang a valuable lesson about time management and commitment. It emphasized the value of devoting oneself to one’s task and using a consistent, patient approach. Huang learned that by selecting chores and focusing on what is genuinely important, he might find enough time to complete key goals.

According to the Bloomberg Billionaire Index, Jensen Huang’s personal net worth is $119 billion, ranking him as the world’s 12th richest person.

Jensen Huang’s Daily Routine

Huang stated he incorporates this lesson into his everyday practice, emphasizing the need of prioritizing work to increase efficiency. He begins each day by completing his highest priority duties first, ensuring that they are accomplished before he even arrives at the workplace. This method allows him to spend the remainder of his day supporting and developing his personnel. When interrupted, he assures them that he has plenty of time, demonstrating the lesson he learned from the gardener.

The Rise of Nvidia

Since the company’s inception in 1993, Huang has served as president, CEO, and board member. Under his leadership, Nvidia has emerged as a pioneer in accelerated computing. Nvidia’s creation of the GPU in 1999 transformed the PC gaming industry, reinvented computer graphics, and ushered in the era of modern artificial intelligence (AI). Today, Nvidia is at the vanguard of developing advances in accelerated computing and generative AI, which are revolutionizing major sectors and having a substantial influence on society.

Investors have taken note of Nvidia’s growth and innovation. Nvidia’s stock has risen, making it one of the world’s most valuable corporations. Nvidia’s market valuation recently surpassed that of Microsoft and Apple. This spike has been driven by high demand for Nvidia’s AI chips, which are widely regarded as the industry’s gold standard. The company’s stock has grown by more than 170% this year and about 1,100% since its bottom in October 2022.

The significant surge in Nvidia’s market capitalization reflects broader investor enthusiasm for artificial intelligence. For example, it took Nvidia only 96 days to increase its market value from $2 trillion to $3 trillion, but Microsoft took 945 days and Apple 1,044 days.

He closed his address by encouraging students to “prioritize” their lives so that they have enough time for other things.



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