Neymar ‘Laughs’ After Losing £900,000 in Online Betting


Neymar’s bad luck with injuries has followed him into the world of online gambling, where he lost £900,000 in just one hour of play at an online casino while streaming it on his Twitch channel.

The £3.2 million-per-month Paris Saint-Germain player has been left on his own after being sidelined for the remainder of the season due to an ankle injury, according to Mail Online.

Neymar frequently plays online games on his Twitch channel, despite the fact that he is more recognized for his passion for poker.

When the realization finally hit the 31-year-old, he feigned to cry as a mock Titanic theme started to play. This song is frequently used on social media as a meme for sorrowful moments.

It was gathered that in a couple of seconds a range of mock emotions were seen as his crying turned into laughter, before he shouted out in anguish – putting his fingers in his mouth.

He then said ‘oh f***’ with a laugh before joining in with the out-of-tune flute music – pretending to play the instrument.

One of his fellow players in the background could be heard saying Neymar “went from a million to zero in 60 minutes.”

Neymar then joked that he was going to put the video of the moment on YouTube.

Mail Online also reports that in the United Kingdom, government legislation is being introduced to restrict betting companies from appearing as shirt sponsors in the Premier League.

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