New York is Named the Billionaire Capital of the World

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New York has been named the billionaire capital of the world as it boasts 136 of the super wealthy moguls.


The Big Apple came out ahead of Hong Kong, Moscow, and London which ranked second, fourth, and fifth respectively in the billionaire’s list, according to figures compiled by data firm Altrata and wealth valuation company Wealth X using figures from 2022.

San Francisco and Los Angeles were the other two US cities to make the top ten.


San Francisco is home to 84 billionaires while LA has 58, making them the third and seventh in the listings.


The report noted that there had been a two percent fall in the number of billionaires in the US yet the country still dominated the rankings.


Some of the city’s most prominent high-net individuals include former mayor Michael Bloomberg who has a net worth of $94.5 billion, according to Forbes’s real-time wealth index.


Bloomberg made much of his wealth by cofounding his namesake financial information and media company in 1981.  He is joined by New York’s so-called ‘richest woman’ Julia Koch who is worth $56.9 billion after she inherited a 42 percent stake in Koch Industries from her husband David following his death in 2019, aged 79.

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