New Comedy “You People” Premieres In LA



Hollywood stars gathered in Los Angeles on Tuesday evening for the launch of culture clash comedy “You People”.

Eddie Murphy and Julia Louis-Dreyfus star in this new comedy that follows an interfaith couple who bring up their families together sparking some potentially explosive situations.

“It’s a fine line, it’s a fine line that’s written, you know, from our showrunners and our writers. You know, to have the sensibilities to be able, you know, to have a point of view, but also have a point of view that’s comical, that’s also, that can also be a teaching lesson.
And, and that’s, that’s what we did for eight years on ‘Black-ish,’ and that’s what, you know, Kenya and them are doing with, uh, ‘You People’ just walking that fine line and leading by example”, said actor Anthony Anderson.

The film evolved from a screenplay by director, Kenya Barris, in collaboration with star Jonah Hill.

Speaking about the film, director/producer Kenya Barris added “I think that’s what I’ve been, I’ve been lucky enough to get to do that in my career, and that was sort of what we went after in this movie. Hopefully it resonates and people get it and aren’t offended. Nothing was malicious. We all just, we just wanna be honest and, and funny”.

The new comedy starring Eddie Murphy and Julia Louis-Dreyfus will be available to watch on Netflix from January 27th.


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