Nebraska Man Wins $1 Million Lottery Prize While Shopping for Salad

A trip to the grocery for prepared salad resulted in a $1 million lottery win for one Nebraska guy.

Brant Edgington, a single father from Fremont, dropped by Baker’s to get a pre-made salad for lunch the next day. While shopping, he decided to play a few dollars of Mega Millions.

Edgington stated that he only plays when the prize is huge and that he did not plan to purchase a ticket.

He didn’t look at his tickets till the next weekend.

Edgington had attempted to use the verify-a-Ticket scanner but was having some difficulty getting it to read, so he requested a cashier to verify it.

“They disappeared for a minute,” he continued. “Then a different lady approached her, and they both stared at me.” She said, ‘Don’t pass out when I tell you this.'”

Edgington traveled to the Nebraska Lottery’s Lincoln offices on April 5 to claim his award.

Although Edgington won, the Nebraska Lottery has stated that he is unsure whether he would continue to play in the future.

“I don’t play all that often,” he replied. “As a single parent, baloney is more important, financially.”

According to the Nebraska Lottery, the odds of winning $1 million in Mega Millions are 1 in 12,607,306, with the total odds of winning any prize being 1 in 24.



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