Namibian Businessman Koos Brandt Rakes in $7 Million From Capricorn Group

Namibian businessman Jacobus Brandt (Koos Brandt) has watched the value of his interests in Windhoek-based investment holding company Capricorn Group Limited increase significantly, as shares in the company continue to trade higher on the Namibian Stock Exchange.

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Brandt’s interest in Capricorn Group has increased in value by NAD131.54 million ($6.94 million) in the last 41 days, as investors on Namibia’s stock exchange continue to expand their holdings in the Namibia-based investment holding group.

Capricorn Group is a financial services conglomerate based in Namibia, Botswana, and Zambia that offers banking, microlending, property development, unit trusts, and asset management. Bank Windhoek, the group’s flagship brand, is Namibia’s largest locally-owned bank and the country’s second-largest commercial bank.

Brandt, a leading Namibian businessman who stepped down as chairman of Capricorn Group and Bank Windhoek in 2017, is the group’s largest individual stakeholder, owning 18.52 percent of the company, or 95,322,252 shares.

Capricorn shares on the Namibian Stock Exchange have increased by 9.19 percent since August 11, rising from NAD15.02 ($0.7925) on August 11 to NAD16.40 ($0.8653) at the time of writing, resulting in huge gains for the group’s shareholders, including the Namibian businessman.

The market value of Brandt’s stake has climbed by NAD131.54 million ($6.94 million) as a result of the jump in its share price, from NAD1.43 billion ($75.55 million) on Aug. 11 to NAD1.56 billion ($82.49 million).

This increase in the market value of his investment cements Brandt’s position as one of the most wealthy investors on the Namibia Stock Exchange, pushing his ownership in the top conglomerate above the $80 million threshold.

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