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Mugzy McFly: How Bronx Fashion Designer Scaled His Clothing Line With No Investors

Mugzy McFly


Growing up, Bronx designer Jevaughn Williams, also known as Mugzy McFly, was obsessed with fashion. It was an important part of his upbringing. It was inspired by his desire to put on a nice outfit and escape the feeling of being poor.

“When I grew up, I had hard times, my mother was a single mother. To escape the feeling of being poor, you dress well,” he told Pix11. “Nobody can tell you anything, when you put on a good outfit, it doesn’t matter what you have, it’s how you look.”

He began experimenting with creative design when he was thirteen years old, when he began hand-making apparel to match his favorite sneakers. Despite the fact that fashion was a big part of Mugzy McFly’s childhood, he majored in accounting at St. Johns University. According to him, he despised his job as an accountant, despite the fact that it undoubtedly helped him prepare for success as a budding entrepreneur.


“I was like ‘no, this isn’t it.’ This wasn’t it at all. I hated it,” he stressed.

He took a giant step in the fashion world after working with some local designers. With a $1,000 credit card limit, he created his own brand, Signed by McFly, saying that the brand is “the representation of the dream”.

“The idea, the energy, what it is, no middleman, just exactly how you want to feel and look,” told Pix11.

Mugzy McFly’s designs are influenced by New York street swag. His brand began with t-shirts and phone cases. According to Pix11, the venture has expanded to include sneakers, bodysuits, and essential pieces for any fashion-forward athleisure wardrobe.

When he first started his company, he handled everything himself. That includes everything from finance to design to production to event planning. Essentially, he started and grew his company with no outside financial backing or investors. This experience inspired his company’s slogan, “More Dreams, Less Sleep.”

Furthermore, some global celebrities in the music and entertainment industries wear his designs. “Young Thug is one of my favorite placements.” For someone that fashionable to wear it on New Year’s Eve, a day when you have to dress up, that was one of those moments when I said to myself, ‘I’m not going to doubt myself again,'” he told Pix11.

Mugzy McFly was also hand-picked by the Recording Academy to perform at the 2022 Grammy Awards.

Like many Black entrepreneurs, Mugzy McFly’s journey in the entertainment industry was not without challenges. For him, one of his major challenges, when he joined the industry, was that he didn’t have access to any mentors to help show him the way.

“I feel like there are times where ‘buy from black business’ is viewed as an act of charity instead of recognizing the quality and art of our work. I rather you buy it because you like it! Sometimes people just feel like they’re doing you a favor buying from you instead, so that’s a challenge – not being taken seriously out of the gate, you have to really prove yourself,” he told Forbes.


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