Mother-daughter Duo Just Signed a Deal to Distribute Their Cosmetic Products in 600 Stores


Danielle Pasha, a mother, and her 17-year-old daughter, Samiah, are the founders of The Beat House Cosmetics, which is transforming the face of the industry one product at a time.

Danielle (called Pasha) founded the company and later brought in her daughter as a partner. The company was founded in 2020, when Samiah was just 14 years old; she now serves as President of the corporation, while her mother serves as CEO.

Pasha worked on developing her cosmetic line while away for three years in Afghanistan. “I am so blown away by all of the positive feedback I have received from everyone, it’s so surreal,” she said in an interview with Wundef. “I remember Facetiming my daughter, giving her instructions and tasks to help me out with the business in my absence, and now we are partners!”

She recruited some of the most gorgeous women to rock her cosmetic brand after inventing it, including her daughter, who set the internet on fire as the face and acting CEO of the firm while Danielle was gone. With her mother’s return in May, she has taken over as President.

Beat House Comestics’ offerings include the critically praised Knock Out Palette, the 2020 Palette, and the newly launched “Legacy Palette.”

“Most teenagers are irritated by their parents and wouldn’t dare want to work with them, (I’m still irritated at times lol) but I remember missing my mom and not knowing when I would see her again, so I enjoy every second we get to spend together. Besides, I absolutely love makeup,” says Miah.

According to the business partners, they are committed to providing users with a diverse range of products for all age groups and lifestyles. This has manifested itself in their most recent rounds of success. According to Black Business, the mother-daughter team has inked a huge distribution agreement with Citi Trends to have their products distributed in 600 of their locations nationally.

Furthermore, the firm has been approved into Amazon’s Black Business Accelerator program, which is focused to assisting Black entrepreneurs in developing sustainable equity and growth.

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