Mother and Daughters Create Lasting Moments While Serving Together as Flight Attendants

Denise Campbell and her two daughters, Chantel and Charnel Johnson, have worked together for Southwest Airlines for seven years, beginning in customer service and support and progressing to flight attendant positions.

Despite only flying together three times, the most recent being around a week and a half ago, the three have about thirty years of combined experience.

Charnel Johnson told AZ Family, “We started at the same time. We started in customer service and assistance, where we were in the same class, and then moved on to become flight attendants.”

The girls admired their mother’s 17-year work as a flight attendant. The proud mother said, “It gives you a sense of pride. You go back to when you were younger and what you expected them to do, but they end up doing the same thing as you.”

According to Campbell, she had always wanted to work as a flight attendant but couldn’t start until 2007.

She said, “We decided to wait until the girls were a little bit older, and I think they were 11 and 12 when I finally became a flight attendant.”

The three flew together on New Year’s Eve in St. Louis, Missouri, as the girls began their new careers. To ensure they don’t miss out on holiday celebrations, they’ve only ever overlapped their schedules three times since then and worked key holidays together, such as Christmas and New Year’s Eve.

According to her daughter Charnel Johnson, “Stuff is closed, you’re away from your family, but when you fly with your family, it makes it easier being away from home and kids.” She remarked that the habit has reduced the loneliness that the holidays often bring.

Chantel Johnson continued, “It’s so much joy; it’s not work when you’re working with family. We have a terrific time, and we get to visit new cities together.”

During a timed shift, the three of them went to New Orleans and had a great time.

Although the family has no idea when their next synced-up vacation will occur, they hope it will be in June.

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