Moroccan Businessman Anas Sefrioui’s ADH Stake Drops Below $800 Million

Moroccan billionaire Anas Sefrioui, the main shareholder of Casablanca-based property developer Douja Promotion Groupe Addoha (ADH), has seen the value of his shareholding fall significantly as a result of the company’s recent share price collapse.

Sefrioui’s holding in ADH has fallen below $800 million, following a MAD464.52 million ($46.68 million) drop over the last eight days, despite recent changes in the group’s share price on the Casablanca stock exchange.

ADH is a major player in Morocco’s real estate market, with a diverse portfolio around the nation. The company specializes in low-cost housing developments in major urban centers like as Casablanca, Ain Aouda, El Jadida, and Tetouan.

Anas Sefrioui, the visionary founder of the Casablanca-based real estate conglomerate and one of the wealthiest businesspeople in the MENA area, owns a 64.1 percent stake in ADH, or 258,066,665 ordinary shares.

In the last eight days, the company’s shares have fallen by 5.71 percent, from MAD 31.50 ($3.1654) on June 3 to MAD 29.70 ($2.985) at the time of writing. This drop has lowered the company’s market capitalization below $1.25 billion.

As a result of the recent dip in ADH shares, the market value of Sefrioui’s holding in the firm has dropped by MAD464.52 million ($46.68 million) during the last eight days, falling from MAD 8.13 billion ($816.84 million) on June 3 to MAD 7.67 billion ($770.16 million) as of this writing.

Anas Sefrioui’s investment in ADH fell by $30 million between May 21 and 27, compounding his earlier losses. During this time, the market value of Sefrioui’s stake decreased from MAD7.94 billion ($798.4 million) to MAD7.64 billion ($764.7 million).

Despite recent financial problems, Anas Sefrioui remains a key investor on the Casablanca Stock Exchange and one of Morocco’s wealthiest businesses. ADH’s outstanding year-to-date performance and major involvement in the real estate industry keep the business and Sefrioui at the forefront of Morocco’s economic landscape.

Despite a recent fall in share price and general market volatility, ADH remains the best performer on the Casablanca exchange in terms of year-to-date performance. The real estate developer’s stock has risen 107.26 percent, providing significant profits to investors.

Retail investors who purchased shares in ADH at the beginning of the year saw a big boost in their wealth. As a result, a $100,000 investment in ADH at the beginning of the year would now be worth $207,260, representing a $107,260 profit.

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