Missing Texas Woman Found Alive in Jeep Submerged in Lake for Two Days


A woman who had been missing for two days was miraculously discovered alive inside her submerged Jeep.


The woman disappeared with her vehicle on April 5 and was later reported missing by the Longview Texas Police Department.


However, a local fisherman at Lake o’ the Pines reported seeing a black vehicle under the surface around 40 feet from a nearby boat ramp, according to the Marion County Sheriff’s Office.


Deputies responded swiftly and arrived at the scene with a local wrecker service where they discovered “a person was still in the vehicle and moving” as they began the recovery operation.


A police press release read: “With the assistance of the wrecker service, fisherman, and Marion County deputies, a female was safely rescued from the submerged jeep.”


It added that she was then taken to a nearby hospital for treatment by emergency medical services.


Authorities also released two images of the rescue struggle, with one showing how deep the vehicle had sunk, and another showing two men pulling the woman from the lake.


After cops detailed the news on their Facebook page, people flooded the comments with messages stating how lucky the woman was to be alive.


One said: “Looks like that fishermen was a godsend! If he had not gone that direction she would be dead!”

Another wrote: “Can we acknowledge the jeep that Saved her life as well. Because this is truly a act of God,” added another.


And a third added: “WOW! If it was completely submerged, she was underwater a while! It’s a miracle she survived.”

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