Missing New Orleans Chef Returns To Family After Being Reported Dead

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After a relative first believed his body had been located, a prominent New Orleans chef who was reported missing on Monday turned up alive and returned to his family later that day.

Demietriek Scott’s family had gotten concerned about his well-being after not hearing from him since May 31, according to WWL. His food truck had also been inaccessible for days, and he had failed to appear at a large festival where he was scheduled to cook.

However, the chef said he was in New Orleans during that period and “needed time for me to sit around and think.”  “Life kicked in, life caved in,” the 47-year-old chef explained.

On Monday, Scott’s daughter had initially said a body that was found in the Desire neighborhood was her father’s, but the coroner’s office said it was yet to release an official report, as analysis of fingerprints and other evidence were yet to be concluded.

Scott’s cousin, Rayshone Emmanuel, said that “tears were shed” after the chef turned up alive. “They were tears of joy. A load has been lifted. I can breathe again,” he added.

“Thank you everybody,” Scott said. “I appreciate the love. I appreciate the thoughts and prayers. I didn’t think you all cared that much – just being real.”

The chef also reiterated his gratitude in an interview with WVUE. “I appreciate (the concern). I didn’t know that was a thing. … I just needed to get away from everything and just stay in a little while,” he said. “It makes a difference,” he added. “I just needed to sit still … and get a moment for me.”

Scott is said to be a popular local chef known for his passion for barbecue, WWL reported. He has been barbecuing for about a decade and also sells a line of barbecue sauces.

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