Minnesota Supreme Court Rejects Bid To Keep Trump Off Primary Ballot

The Minnesota Supreme Court on Wednesday rejected an attempt to keep Donald Trump off of the 2024 Republican presidential primary ballot in the northern US state.

Simultaneously, the state’s highest court stated that it would be willing to hear a challenge to Trump’s eligibility to stand on the November 2024 presidential election ballot.

Several states are attempting to prohibit the former president from running for president again next year on the grounds that he breached his oath of office by engaging in an insurgency – the January 6, 2021 attack on the US Capitol by his followers.

The argument, which has split legal scholars, is based on a constitutional amendment approved during the 1861-65 Civil War.

Section 3 of the 14th Amendment prohibits anybody from holding public office if they engage in “insurrection or rebellion” after pledging to support and defend the Constitution previously.

The amendment, which was ratified in 1868, was intended to prevent supporters of the slave-owning Confederacy from being elected to Congress or holding government jobs.

A group of Minnesota voters petitioned the state supreme court, citing the 14th Amendment, to keep Trump off the ballot for the Republican presidential primary in March and the presidential election in November.

The court flatly rejected the bid to keep Trump off the primary ballot.

“There is no state statute that prohibits a major political party from placing on the presidential nomination primary ballot… a candidate who is ineligible to hold office,” Chief Justice Natalie Hudson said in a four-page order.

If Trump wins the Republican presidential nomination and another petition is filed, the court said it will review the general election allegation at a later date.

A similar lawsuit trying to ban Trump from the election on 14th Amendment grounds is presently being heard in a Colorado court.

Whatever the decision, the lawsuit will almost certainly end up before the United States Supreme Court, where conservatives have a 6-3 majority.

Trump, 77, will stand trial in March on federal allegations of trying to change the results of the November 2020 election won by Democrat Joe Biden.

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