Ming Maraj Igniting the Internet with Her Musical Talent, Following in Nicki Minaj’s Footsteps

Ming Maraj, Nicki Minaj’s younger sister, is pursuing a career in music. According to HipHopDX, the rising artist known as Ming Li showcased her spitting abilities on social media.

Her sister’s supporters greeted her warmly, with some claiming she reminded them of “Mixtape Nicki” days. Some pushed her to pursue her own career and avoid comparisons with her sister.

In addition to music, the 18-year-old Trinidadian aspires to be a model. CitiMuzik reports that Ming rose to prominence after being linked to rap superstar Nicki Minaj, who introduced her in a 2013 social media post.

Ming, Nicki’s half-sister from their father’s side, grew up in New York City and has a strong bond with their father, Robert Maraj, despite his difficulties with substance abuse, according to the site.

A viral cover of “Moments 4 Life” that showed the young star’s talent and dedication to the art of rapping helped her break into the music industry. She is also noted for writing her own lyrics.

Ming recently declared on a livestream that she does not want to partake in the Barbz family’s rivalry with Megan Thee Stallion.

“Whatever feud is going on, I really don’t care. It has nothing to do with me. Sh-t, I am working on my life. That is not something I am really concerned about. “I don’t care about that sh-t, bro,” she stated, according to HNHH.

Instead, she begged her followers to support her new single, which would be released soon.

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