Michael Jackson’s Estate Seeks To Recover $1M In Stolen Property


Since Michael Jackson’s death, the Jackson Estate has faced some challenges, which were finally resolved in 2021 after some IRS disputes. However, the settlement did not address the recovery of the allegedly stolen property after Jackson died.

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Jeffre Phillips, Jackson’s sister LaToya’s ex-fiancé, allegedly unlawfully possessed property from Michael Jackson’s home.

According to TMZ, Phillips used the tragedy of Jackson’s death to steal several personal and private items from Jackson’s Carolwood Home.

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The estate has prevented the sale of the items in question since discovering the theft.

However, simply prohibiting the sale of those items was insufficient. The executors of Michael Jackson’s estate reportedly want to reclaim the property, which they claim is worth seven figures.

Phillips allegedly stole hard drives, laptops, and iPods, according to court documents. It is also claimed that CDs and DVDs containing non-public performances and never-before-released concert footage were taken.

Phillips’ estate also claims that he took handwritten notes with song lyrics, personal messages from his children, a photo album, and a Michael Jackson doll.

Not only does the estate have an exhaustive list of missing items, but it also claims to know exactly where the items are, pleading with a judge to assist them in recovering the stolen property.

According to TMZ, Phillips has denied all claims of theft to date.



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