Michael Jackson’s Doctor Opens Medical Institute After Being Convicted Of His Death

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Michael Jackson’s former doctor, Dr. Conrad Murray, has started his own medical institute in Trinidad and Tobago, more than a decade after being convicted of the late singer’s death.

Murray, who moved to Trinidad and Tobago with his family after fleeing Grenada, cut the ribbon at the DCM Medical Institute last month, according to PEOPLE. During the ceremony, the 70-year-old discussed his decision to establish his own institute.

“When I came back to Trinidad, most of the colleagues whom I had trained felt that I was too much of a threat to be present, when all I was willing to do was to collaborate, further educate and instill care for more and more. So they decided to eventfully lock the doors when they saw the cases I was performing,” the Trinidad and Tobago Guardian quoted him as saying.

“It was tough. I dealt with the country locking its borders for two years, but I did not give up. I felt that I had to be relentless,” he added.

Murray moved to the United States in 1980 and worked as a doctor before being hired as Jackson’s personal physician. In 2011, he was sentenced to four years in jail after being found guilty of involuntary manslaughter in the aftermath of Jackson’s death in 2009. According to reports, the “King of Pop” died of sudden cardiac arrest caused by propofol and benzodiazepine overdose.

The individuals who took to the stand during Murray’s trial included Jackson’s children. “This is a crime where the end result was the death of a human being,” Los Angeles Superior Court Judge, Michael Pastor, said during the trial, per PEOPLE. “That factor demonstrates rather dramatically that the public should be protected.”

During the trial, prosecutors portrayed Murray as an unethical doctor who put Jackson on a propofol drip every night to cure his insomnia. The anesthetic in question is unpredictable and can be dangerous. Murray allegedly received $150,000 per month for his services.

Prosecutors also charged the doctor with negligence for failing to utilize the proper monitoring equipment and gadgets to guarantee Jackson didn’t have breathing problems after being put under severe anesthetic.He was also accused of failing to be present in Jackson’s presence by leaving him to answer phone calls and emails.

Murray’s lawyers, on the other hand, contended that Jackson had already determined that propofol was the sole solution to his insomnia before the accused was ever appointed as the late pop singer’s doctor for his This Is It concerts. According to his attorneys and a medical expert, Jackson likely took numerous tablets of the lorazepam sedative that morning, and it might have happened as Murray was turning his back – suggesting what caused Jackson’s unexpected death and Murray’s inability to save his life, according to PEOPLE.

Murray returned to Trinidad and Tobago to resume his career after serving his two-year sentence. His medical licenses in Texas, California, and Nevada, however, were suspended as a result of his conviction.

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