Miami Shores Homeowner Shocked When Insurance Company Demands He Remove Vines

Diego Caiola | How Africa News


Diego Caiola recently purchased his dream home in Miami Shores.


He adores the “wonderful” 20-year-old vines that grow along the property’s edge.


“One of the reasons we bought the house was the beauty,” Caiola said. “If the vines wouldn’t be there, it would just be a regular it’s house.”

But, the vines have gotten him into a jam with Citizens Insurance, his homeowners insurance provider.

“We got a letter saying they were going to cancel insurance if we don’t remove the vines from house,” Caiola said.


The issue?


“They say the moisture of the vines ruins the structure, which we don’t agree with,” Caiola said.


Caiola has been given a two-week deadline to take down the vines and said he doesn’t know what to do.


“It’s not easy just to change insurance, but this is what we are trying to do,” he said. “We’re in complete shock because we are about to lose insurance because of this piece. It’s not the entire house.”


His message to his insurer?


“Please think about this twice,” Caiola said. “This is ridiculous.”

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