Meghan Markle’s Engagement Ring Tops Princess Diana’s as the World’s Most Searched

According to a survey conducted by jewelry specialists at Ramsdens Jewellery, Meghan Markle’s engagement ring is the world’s most-searched celebrity engagement ring, with twice the search traffic of her late mother-in-law’s.

According to the Scottish Daily Express, a study studied global search volumes for engagement rings of celebrity couples. The search focused on the top sought rings to identify the celebrity engagement ring with the highest traffic.

Jewellery experts ranked the world’s most popular celebrity engagement rings based on search volume, with Markle’s at the top with an astonishing 51,283 monthly searches. Prince Harry designed the ring, which includes a cushion-cut diamond from Botswana and two diamonds from Princess Diana’s collection.

Princess Diana’s engagement ring ranks second, with 22,100 searches each month. Princess Diana wore an iconic 12-carat blue oval sapphire ring surrounded by diamonds and set in white gold. It is still one of the most recognizable engagement rings worldwide.

However, Kate Middleton’s ring, which once belonged to Diana, ranks ninth. Megan Fox’s engagement ring from Machine Gun Kelly is ranked third with 16,825 monthly searches.

Millie Bobby Brown’s ring from “Stranger Things” ranks fourth with 14,358 monthly searches, while Hailey Bieber’s ring from Justin Bieber ranks fifth with 11,817 searches.

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