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Meet the Black Teen Who Builds Planes and Drones From Local Materials

vidiol tsague black teen building drones planes


Vidiol Tsague, an 18-year-old Black boy from Cameroon, has gained popularity for his movies in which he flies planes and drones made entirely of local materials.



He has been designing and building an airplane prototype for about 8 years. He gathers cardboard, cartons, wires, and other locally available items to make it.

He can be seen flying drones and planes around 2 meters long along the streets in most of the videos he broadcasts on his TikTok account. He pilots the plane with a remote control, causing it to fly a few feet away and then back to a safe landing. His videos have gone viral, with millions of views on some of them.


Vidiol, who had to leave out of secondary school three years ago owing to the country’s violent war, said he wants to pursue engineering and discover how to build actual airplanes that humans can ride to travel large places.


He has captivated the hearts of many with his outstanding abilities, including organizations and government leaders that have expressed interest in him. He just received scholarship offers and financial assistance to help him continue his education and realize his dream of becoming an engineer.


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