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Meet Jermaine Asiedu, Ghanaian Designer Who Made Waves At Lagos Fashion Week



If you watched Lagos Fashion Week, you probably saw Jermaine Bleu’s designs, which stood out among the many talented designers who graced the event. Ghanaian fashion is distinguished by the use of vibrant colors and diverse, trendy African designs.

Through amazing slick designs and fashion, fashion companies have appeared over time to represent the unique Ghanaian narrative and aesthetic. The fashion district is teeming with local designers and artists who specialize in modernizing traditional kente or fugu clothing.

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Jermaine Asiedu is the founder of Ghana’s Jermaine Bleu fashion label.

In each piece, the company offers a variety of contemporary yet edgy styles, as well as high slits, unique designs, vibrant colors, pleats on flared pants, and more.

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Jermaine Bleu was established in 2015. Asiedu is also the company’s creative director. The company describes itself as a legacy brand for the brave, attractive, and intelligent, while exploring all facets of creativity and conveying stories influenced by culture through contemporary Africa.

In an interview with i-D, Asiedu stated that increased collaboration among Ghanaian fashion designers is required for more Ghanaians to succeed in the fashion industry.

“I believe that we need a structure and that we should work together more. We don’t have an industry, yet we do, I like to say, but there doesn’t seem to be any structure to it. It seems as though everything is scattered and that everyone would benefit if we could all cooperate and work toward the broader picture. However, it appears that everyone is just going about their own business. One person can’t do it alone; we all need to work together to grow this industry; else, nothing will get done”.


Despite being a newcomer to the African fashion market, he has done well for himself. After participating in Milan Fashion Week and Lagos Fashion Week, we can say Asiedu is on his way to becoming a world-class designer, and it is exciting to watch his progress.

Jermaine Bleu’s universe, which incorporates themes of love, freedom, community, and self-expression, will eventually force the runway to adjust. During the runway show, he displayed his new materials and textiles, as well as important print pieces from the brand’s new collection, which promotes Ghanaian culture.

Because his mother was a seamstress, Asiedu has always been interested in fashion. Growing up in that environment was very inspiring, he said. But it wasn’t until he went to college and studied textiles that he became truly interested.

“I found that whenever we were asked to do a design, I always approached it very personally. In terms of drawing or sketching, my work was very personal. Right after school, I decided to put this into good use and I started interning for different brands in Ghana. In 2015, I decided to start my own brand.”




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