Meet Gregory Lowe II, The Entrepreneur Behind The Only Black-Owned Coconut Water Brand



Gregory Lowe II is well-known in both business and technology circles. Lowekey, a startup that focuses on scaling up businesses with innovative solutions, was founded by the award-winning entrepreneur.

Lowe II taught himself to code and went on to create and launch several apps, which led to other ventures and opportunities with a number of Fortune 500 companies. The New York City entrepreneur is also known for his 100 Coconuts, a packaged coconut water that is making waves in the United States.

100 Coconuts contains no sugar and is packed with nutrition and electrolytes. It is also available with tequila or CBD for those looking for a little something extra. Lowe II said he was inspired to start his coconut water brand because of the health benefits of cocoa. He is the first and only Black owner of a coconut water company.

His coconut brands are manufactured in Vietnam. The water is derived from green coconuts and packaged in an aluminum can to preserve its natural taste, nutrients, and flavor.

100 Coconuts has evolved into a luxury brand, with products sold in some of America’s most prestigious retail outlets. According to Black Business, it is sold in over 150 major retail outlets and is still growing. According to Fortune, his coconut water brand comes in three distinct varieties: pure 100% coconut water, coconut water with tequila, and coconut water with CBD.

Lowe II has received the support of investors from a variety of fields, including former NFL star Michael Strahan, since it began production three years ago. Danny Stepper, Bill Deustch, Giuseppe Rossi, Constance Schwartz-Morini, Ann Tenenbaum, Jesse Lee, Thomas H. Lee, and East Dune Holdings are among the other investors.

Strahan told Fortune, “Besides its great taste and expansive retail footprint, 100 Coconuts really stood out to me in the ways they were cutting into new categories, like infusing CBD and tequila in coconut water—no one has done that. I was also in line with their community-building strategy that is dedicated to reaching a diverse network of consumers by leveraging culture, like arts and music, to drive discovery and immediate loyalty.”

Lowe II often wakes up by 6:00 a.m. on a normal day, but on days when he has to meet production deadlines, he is on the phone with manufacturers by 3 a.m. planning production runs for his coconut water brand, he told Valetmag.

Lowe II believes that going to bed early and getting at least eight hours of sleep makes a significant difference in his productivity during the day.


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