Meet Akil ‘Sonny’ McLeod, the Arizona Toddler Selected as 2024 Gerber Baby

Akil McLeod (aka Sonny) is the 2024 Gerber Baby. The selection committee was charmed by Sonny’s photograph and the inspiring story of how he instills joy in his family.

The 14th annual Photo Search winner, who recently celebrated his first birthday, lives in Arizona with his parents, Dominque and Akil McLeod Sr., and his older sister, Sage. According to the Gerber website, Sonny enjoys playing with toy vehicles, reading ABC books, and watching football with his family. He can’t stop laughing when people make funny faces at him or when he plays peek-a-boo with his sister.

Sonny, the 2024 Gerber Baby, will work with the pioneer in early childhood nutrition to promote healthy growth for newborns worldwide.

Sonny’s mother, Dominque, commented, “Every day, it’s an honor to watch Sonny achieve so many small milestones, from giggles to trying new foods to standing up and everything in between.” He’s a bright spot in our lives, bringing delight to everyone around him. Being picked as the 2024 Gerber Baby was the perfect way to celebrate our son’s first birthday. We are looking forward to all of the experiences in the coming year as we collaborate with Gerber to share his wonderful face with families across the country.”

During an appearance on the “Today” show, Dominque admitted to the co-hosts that she put her kid in the tournament but kept it secret from everyone, including her husband Akil Sr.

“I thought, well, what are the odds, right?” She reflected.

However, Akil Sr. expressed his delight at his son’s place as a finalist and the actual prospect of winning. Sonny’s family is enthusiastic about doing good deeds and donates their time and effort to community groups. Their humanitarian ideals motivate them to raise their two children with kindness, respect, resilience, and a positive example.

Chandra Kumar, President of Nestlé Infant Nutrition, stated in a statement, “After 14 fantastic years of Photo Search, we are thrilled that our former Gerber Baby families could join us in selecting Sonny as our 2024 Gerber Baby. Sonny immediately won our hearts with his cheerful smile and his family’s amazing example of what it means to grow with love.”

“Inspired by the tens of thousands of photos submitted each year, Gerber Photo Search offers us a unique opportunity to connect with the families of today and reinforces the importance of our mission to help babies grow up healthy and happy.”

This year, in addition to a broad group of Gerber employees, the selection panel included parents of previous Gerber Babies for the first time.

Sonny is the 2024 Gerber Baby, but the business is celebrating more infants than ever before by revealing ten more winners of Inchstone Moments, which will be shared on social media.

Photo Search, which launched over a decade ago, was inspired by thousands of photos submitted by parents who recognized their child in Gerber’s iconic infant emblem. As the winner of this year’s Photo Search, Sonny will represent Gerber as the 2024 Baby, featuring in the company’s marketing campaigns and social media channels throughout the year.

Sonny and his family earned a new wardrobe from Gerber Childrenswear, free Gerber items for a year, a $25,000 cash award, and gifts from Brooklinen, Canon, UPPABaby, Little Tikes, Motherhood Maternity, and ezpz! Gerber will match Sonny’s cash reward by donating to the March of Dimes’ maternity and newborn health programs.

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