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Married US Politician, 45, Resigns After Committee Finds He Made Love With His 19-Year-Old Intern

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A politician in Texas, United States, resigned on Monday, May 9, after an inquiry revealed that he provided alcohol to a 19-year-old intern and made love with her at his apartment.

Republican Bryan Slaton, 45, a former youth minister and married father, resigned just two days after a Texas House committee found him in violation of many rules for the inappropriate contact with the young woman “who was unable to give effective consent” since Slaton was her boss.


In their report, the committee of three Republicans and two Democrats unanimously recommended that Slaton be removed from the House. On Tuesday, May 9, the House planned to vote on a resolution to remove him from office.

The Republican invited the teenage legislative intern to his apartment on March 31, supplied her with rum and cokes to the point she felt “really dizzy” and had “split vision” and then had sexual intercourse with the young woman, who was a virgin, early the next morning, according to the House committee report.


Slaton later showed the young girl a threatening email he told her he received and said everyone involved had to stay quiet, the report stated.


The legislative aide said she took the message as a “threat” but didn’t know who it was coming from. Nonetheless she said she felt intimidated and fearful that she could lose her job.


The committee hired a former state judge to investigate the incident after the aide and two other young staffers, ages 19 and 21 — who were at Slaton’s apartment before he had intercourse with the aide filed complaints against him in April 2023.

The Texas lawmaker also supplied those two staffers and one of their boyfriends with rum and cokes, causing one to vomit from drinking too much, according to the report.

They left before the legislative aide, who was driven home by Slaton the next morning after he stopped at a drug store so she could purchase emergency contraception, the report states.


“The fact that Slaton has not expressed regret or remorse for his conduct is also egregious and unwarranted,” the committee wrote. “It is the Committee’s unanimous recommendation that, considering the factors stated above, the only appropriate discipline in this matter is expulsion.”

Slaton mentioned nothing about his alleged inappropriate relationship with the 19-year-old staffer or the impending expulsion vote in his resignation letter to Governor Gerg Abbott on Monday.

“It has been an honor to represent my friends, neighbors and the great people and communities of House District 2,” Slaton wrote. “They voted overwhelmingly to send me to the Capitol as their representative in two elections, and I worked daily to meet their expectations. My decision today is to ensure that their expectations will continue to be met by a new representative who will also work hard on their behalf.”


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