Mark Zuckerberg’s Meta to Launch App to Rival Elon’s Twitter

Mark Zuckerberg Elon Musk


To compete with Elon Musk’s Twitter, Mark Zuckerberg’s Meta has announced the development of a new social media program that allows users to share character-limited posts.


To Reuters, a Meta representative acknowledged the’standalone decentralized social network,’ saying that ‘there is an option for a distinct place’ for people to post updates about their interests.



The name of the app is unknown, but it will be built on the same foundation that underpins Mastodon, a Twitter-like site that started in 2016.


A Twitter-like software would allow Meta to capitalize on the current upheaval at Musk’s company, where cost-cutting and layoffs are common.


MoneyControl claimed on Thursday that Meta’s Twitter competitor is dubbed ‘P92.’


According to those familiar with the subject, the app would be Instagram-branded, allowing users to signup with the same credentials.


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