Marathon des sables: Morocco’s El Morabity Wins 2023 Sahara Marathon

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Mohamed El Morabity of Morocco has won the 37th Marathon des sables, a desert ultra-trail in self-sufficiency (250 km), made difficult by the heat in the sahara desert. Running under 40.5 ° C El Morabity beat his compatriot Aziz Yachou in the last stage.


The two men are in the same order in the general standings. Mohamed El Morabity won for the first time this desert ultra-trail in self-sufficiency, after having been second five times behind his brother Rachid.


“I’m so sad for my brother” El Morabity said after his win. “He should have won but that’s how it is, next year inshallah”.


Rachid, who was aiming for a 10th title, left the MDS caravan following the three-hour penalty he received in the fourth stage for external assistance.


In the women’s race, Dutch Ragna Debats suffered a terrible breakdown on stage 4, the longest stage. She nevertheless continued the race, at a slow pace. France’s Maryline Nakache took advantage of this. She only managed her lead to get her first title.

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