Man With History Of Racist Rants Convicted After Spitting On Black Woman

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A man from Washington, D.C. who has a history of going on racist rants against his African-American neighbors was convicted of a hate crime after spitting in the face of a Black woman during an encounter in 2020.


Gueorgui Iskrenov, 33, was found guilty of bias-related assault on February 1st, according to the Department of Justice. According to government evidence, the incident occurred in July 2020 while Iskrenov’s African-American neighbor was walking her service dog and crossing her apartment’s exit ramp.


Iskrenov is said to have speedily driven his car towards the exit ramp, nearly hitting the victim and her dog. And when the woman told Iskrenov to be careful, he started hurling racist and sexist slurs at her. He also deliberately spat in the victim’s face. Authorities said the spit landed on the Black woman’s glasses and her hair.


“Iskrenov drove away and was arrested 23 days later after he was positively identified,” the statement said. “The government’s evidence at trial showed that Iskrenov had a history of racist tirades against African-American neighbors.”


Iskrenov’s sentencing hearing is set to take place on Thursday.


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