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Man Who Survived Hyena Attack Killed by Elephant in Kenya

People in a Kenyan community became enraged after an elephant murdered a guy who had survived a hyena assault three years before. According to the Daily Nation, this most recent occurrence adds to the county’s serious human-wildlife confrontations.

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The victim was claimed to be on his way home on March 1 when he was trampled to death by an elephant. Following the unfortunate incident, residents in the village draped the deceased man’s body in the Kenyan flag and barred authorities from accessing it for several hours. They took action to express their discontent with the Kenya Wildlife Service’s “lackluster” response to such incidences in the area.

In the aftermath of the fatal incident, the residents also requested a meeting with the secretary of the Wildlife Cabinet. They also intended to slaughter the elephant. “We are sick and tired of elephant attacks. “The government has turned a deafening ear to the plight of farmers in our region,” a local stated.

After collecting the 72-year-body, old’s police dispersed the gathering with tear gas. “In 2020, he faced a hyena that had attacked our animals,” the man’s widow explained. During that incident, the deceased man got an injury to his left hand.

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