Luis Rubiales’ Mother Hospitalised After Hunger Strike Over Kissing Row

The mother of Spanish football manager Luis Rubiales, who was suspended for forcibly kissing a player during Spain’s World Cup victory, was rushed to the hospital on the third day of her hunger strike on Wednesday.

Angeles Bejar was evacuated and transported to hospital by emergency services after beginning her protest over her son’s care inside the Divina Pastora church in the southern beach town of Motril, parish priest Antonio Rodriguez informed reporters.

“I have to tell you she had a crisis and had to be rushed to hospital. She is no longer here,” said the priest, adding that Angeles Bejar was “tired, with many (health) problems, not just the emotional stress,” he said.

Rubiales’ mother had promised to stay locked up in the church until Jenni Hermoso, the player who was kissed on the mouth by her son, “tells the truth” about what happened, a family member explained.

“This harassment is not fair. His mother, who is very religious, found refuge with God. She has started a hunger strike and does not want to leave the church”, her niece Vanessa Ruiz Bejar said on Monday.

When contacted by AFP, Motril Hospital would not confirm that she had been admitted as a patient.

Rubiales, 46, grew up in Motril and his father was the resort town’s former mayor.

FIFA suspended him on Saturday after he forcefully kissed Hermoso on the mouth after Spain won the Women’s World Cup in Australia on August 20, sparking an outcry.

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