Love Alone Does Not Keep A Marriage – SA Pastor Dr. Thomas Mukala says



South African pastor and businessman, Dr. Thomas Mukala, has said that love alone is not enough to make a marriage or relationship work.


The General overseer of True Worshippers Word Empowerment Ministry, Sandton, Johannesburg, who stated this on Sunday, October 23, 2022, said the key to an enduring marriage is Divine Knowledge.




“Love alone does not keep Marriage/Relationship…Love alone does not keep marriage, but divine knowledge does, because you can still divorce or break up with someone you still made in love with,” he wrote.


Because of so many other reasons :-Unfaithfulness -Emotional & Physical Abuses -Disrespectful -Evil hearts -Bad manners -Witchcraft -Unequally Yoked….


But when you have divine KNOWLEDGE you can overcome all these and still keep your Marriage/Relationship even when you don’t feel the love anymore…


The biggest problem today in most couples and dating are lacking the knowledge of this institution called marriage. People will spend millions in hiring venues, paying catering, dress the latest wedding gowns


But spend nothing, no time no prayers no fasting into what makes marriage works. BIBLICAL PRE-MARITAL COUSELLING EMPOWERMENT


When they have marital problems, they ran to wrong dealerships “ wounded friends , no role model family members, none Christian marriage Counsellors , sangamas….” Instead of taking this car called marriage to the one who made it “ GOD “ and God accredited qualified dealership of successful happily married couples to learn the secrets and be fixed.


You can’t take your expensive car Maserati to a Soweto garage under a tree next door baragwana taxi rank and expect that Maserati to be fixed if not completely damaged. This is why most marriages are completely dead wrong garages.




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