Loretta Neely: Memphis Woman Who Worked at KFC for 47 Years Finally Retiring

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Loretta Neely, an African American lady from Memphis, Tennessee, who worked for 47 years at a local KFC restaurant, is being acknowledged for her many years of service to the corporation as she prepares to retire.


Neely has worked in a variety of roles for nearly five decades, from taking orders to cooking in the kitchen and training new employees. She feels that putting satisfaction in one’s job, regardless of the assignment, is the key to success.


Her supervisors instantly paid tribute to her after learning of her retirement plans. In honor of Neely, KFC has created the Loretta Neely Drive and Passion Award, which the business has dubbed the “Living Legend Award.”


Moreover, Neely has been commended for her exceptional passion, strong work ethic, and resilience as someone who never complains. Despite witnessing several changes over the years, her dedication to serving others has kept her going on the job.


“My people coming in,” she told Fox Carolina. “I like working with people… I like developing people, making sure that they be successful, along with me being successful.”


Meanwhile, Neely said that although she’s not in a hurry to leave her work family, she is excited about what comes next, including spending more time with her husband, grandchildren, and church community.

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