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London Mom Dies On Day Of Her Wedding In Trinidad

Nadia Joseph Gosine


An East London mother’s family is in mourning after she died unexpectedly on the morning of her wedding in Trinidad. According to MyLondon, Nadia Joseph-Gosine, 33, traveled to the Caribbean country with her 10-year-old son to marry her fiancé and partner of five years.

Devon Gosine, 37, is her partner, who lives in the Caribbean country. The couple was supposed to marry on December 7, but Nadia died in her sleep in the early hours of her wedding day. She died of liver disease, according to reports. However, the deceased woman’s sister and partner were unaware of her illness.

Nadia had also been in the country for some weeks with her son Emari. In an interview with the news outlet, Nadia’s sister, Isha Daley, referred to the deceased mother as “a mini rebel” who was “very lively and feisty.”

“She was a very entertaining person,” Isha added. “She just wanted to be happy. A little fire cracker. She was very beautiful. Absolutely stunning. And she loved life, loved to travel.”


Devon also referred to his deceased fiancée as “the most loving, caring, and genuine person.” “She would go all out for you and she was the most hard-working,” he said. “She was always happy. Whatever she was going through she was always happy. She was the love of my life. She was always the best part of my life.”

He continued: “I can’t stop being reminded of what happened. Seeing everything and still I’m in disbelief. After all that time we were finally getting married. We were preparing for the rest of our life and all of a sudden it gets taken away. It was the toughest thing.”

Devon stated that he was with Nadia on the night of their wedding and that they talked late into the night. He also stated that they spoke on the phone with friends who expressed their best wishes to them. Devon also stated that Nadia was having trouble sleeping, but he believes she was nervous about their wedding, according to MyLondon.

Devon stated that Nadia eventually dozed off. Devon, however, stated that there was no response when he awoke in the early hours of the morning and kissed Nadia on the cheek. He also stated that this was how he normally woke her up. Devon realized there was a problem when she noticed Nadia was unresponsive. The paramedics who arrived on the scene attempted to resuscitate her but were unsuccessful.

“It just happened all of a sudden,” Devon said. “At least she didn’t have to suffer.” Nadia’s liver disease was said to be terminal. Isha also said that though she knew her sister initially had kidney and liver problems, she thought she was now healthy. Isha said she was told her sister would have still died within two weeks if she was even given medication.

Isha has since set up a GoFundMe to help raise funds to cremate Nadia’s body in Trinidad and also bring Emari home.



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