London Exhibition Showcases Artworks by Brain Injury Patients

An exhibition of artworks by brain damage victims turned artists is now on display at London’s Barbican Centre.

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The exhibition Differently Various is the culmination of a four-year cooperation between the Barbican arts venue and the charity Headway, which utilizes music and the arts to help persons suffering from brain injuries regain control of their lives.

People who have benefited from the charity also wrote music for the show.

One of those exhibiting at the Barbican, is Yokabet Mekuria.

Her self-portrait shows her in bright, vibrant colours.

“With the colours I suppose it’s like to say I’m joyful, I’m not hiding in the background any more, I’m here,” Mekuria says.

“To actually see myself here is unbelievable because I never thought I would be here,” she adds.

For the artists like Mekuria showcasing their art here, the creative process has been a means of rehabilitation.

While the artists’ lives were changed forever by their injuries, the artworks at Differently Various portray a celebration of survival and the strength of those behind their creation.

The exhibition runs at the Barbican Centre, London until August 6.

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