King Charles Reportedly Referred to Prince Harry as “That Fool” After Netflix Docuseries Release

According to a new book, King Charles III referred to Prince Harry as “that fool” following the broadcast of his scathing 2022 Netflix tell-all docuseries “Harry and Meghan.”

According to Omid Scobie, who wrote the high-anticipated “Endgame: Inside the Royal Family and the Monarchy’s Fight for Survival,” Charles, 75, went from not wanting anyone to discuss his estranged son to openly mocking him.

“[The Netflix series] took the wind out of everyone’s sails,” a source close to the royals told Scobie. “[Charles] went from not wanting anyone to talk about his son to openly criticizing ‘that fool.'”

The six-part documentary revealed suspicions that Charles’ office leaked Harry and Meghan Markle’s planned move to Canada, which was ultimately canceled.

“At the Palace, heads were in hands and migraines were brewing,” added Scobie, 42.

Buckingham Palace and Harry’s, 39, representatives were contacted for comment.

Scobie’s book, which is set to be released on Tuesday, also alleges that Prince William and Kate Middleton, both 41, thought the portrayal of Harry and Markle in the racy TV show “South Park” was “hilarious.”

The couple was mocked as the Prince and Princess of Canada in an episode of “The Worldwide Privacy Tour” that aired in February.

Their attendance at the funeral of Canada’s queen — who has a strong likeness to the late Queen Elizabeth II — is received with outrage.

The cartoon couple relocates to South Park, mirroring the real-life royals’ relocation to California, and embark on a “Worldwide Privacy Tour,” which consists of the couple shooting off fireworks and playing drums on their front lawn while holding signs that read, “Stop looking at us” and “We want our privacy!!”

Scobie’s book also portrays Charles as a “pampered” symbol who purportedly travels with 1,000-thread-count bedsheets and someone to tie his shoes for him.

Meanwhile, the book claims that palace staffers encouraged Middleton and Markle to dress like the late Princess Diana.

“While finding a trend untouched by Diana’s iconic style is almost impossible, the huge amount of effort that goes into channeling her exact look sometimes goes beyond the pale,” Scobie wrote.

“During the past 13 years, Diana cosplay has become a royal staple,” he added.

Even so, the decision to dress the Duchess of Sussex and the Princess of Wales was “always discussed with [William or Harry].”

“At the right moment this can be a sweet gesture,” an unidentified royal insider told Scobie of the directive to reproduce Diana’s fashion. “But there is also a slightly queasy feeling when you realize it’s often orchestrated within the same system that contributed to her living misery, and an institution that still wants some of Diana’s shine to rub off on them.”


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