Kenyan Two-Time Olympic Champion, David Rudisha, Survives A Plane Crash In His Country

Kenyan two time Olympic champion David Rudisha survives a plane crash in his country


Two-time Olympic champion, David Rudisha has survived a plane crash in Kenya, after a light aircraft suffered engine failure just minutes following take-off, before crash landing upside down.


The 800 metres world record holder was one of five passengers on board the aircraft which took off from Kimana from Saturday, December 10.





The 33-year-old said the aircraft’s engine had stopped around eight minutes into the flight, prompting the pilot to attempt an emergency landing.


‘All was well close to seven or eight minutes into the flight when the engine of the plane suddenly went quiet,’ Rudisha told the Daily Nation.


‘He [the pilot] saw some clear space where he tried to land the plane but one of its wings hit a tree as the plane started to spin before landing on the rocky field.


‘We thank God we all came out alive with some soft tissue injuries that were treated before all were discharged save for one.


‘It was a scary episode where you hold your heart in your hand as you pray to God. The pilot did an incredible job to keep the plane afloat and stable for long.’


The Big Life Foundation, a conservation organisation, confirmed an investigation would take place following the crash.


‘As is normal following any crash involving an aircraft, the Kenya Civil Aviation Authority will investigate,’ a statement read. ‘Until they have completed their report, it is not appropriate to comment further.


‘The best wishes of Big Life and all involved in the Maasai Olympics are with the injured passenger for a speedy recovery.’


Rudisha, who set the 800m world record of 1:40.91 at the London 2012 Olympics before defending his title at Rio 2016, had previously survived a car crash in 2019. The two-time world champion escaped with minor injuries when his SUV crashed into a bus after one of his tyres burst.




Rudisha has not competed internationally for five years.


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