Kenyan Businessman Narendra Raval To Build 60 MW Wind Farm

National Cement Company Ltd., a subsidiary of Kenyan multimillionaire businessman Narendra Raval’s Devki Group, is embarking on an ambitious project to build a 60-megawatt (MW) wind power facility in West Pokot County.

The primary goal of this wind farm is to offer sustainable power to the nearby cement factory. This strategic decision is intended to reduce Raval’s conglomerate’s operational expenses by lowering electricity bills.

As part of its attempts to hasten the construction of the wind power plant, Devki is actively seeking regulatory approval to build a wind farm in Sebit village through the National Cement Company, which is well-known for producing Simba Cement.

In an official statement, the company announced: “Notice is hereby given that National Cement Company Limited, pursuant to the provisions of Section 117 of the Energy Act of 2019, will on July 27, 2023, make an application to the Energy Regulatory Authority for the energy generation license for 60 MW Waste Heat Recovery.”

Raval’s prior admission prompted the decision to build the wind power facility as a cost-cutting strategy.

Raval revealed in April of this year that his multifarious steel manufacturing firm, Devki Group, was paying astounding monthly charges to Kenya Power for energy use.

Raval went on to say that his company’s monthly financial outlay was Ksh2 billion ($14.9 million), which included payments not only for a workforce of approximately 11,000 employees but also for various utility bills, such as electricity, which fluctuated between Ksh700 million ($5.2 million) and Ksh900 million ($6.7 million).

In order to address rising operational costs, the Kenyan businessman has announced intentions to build a wind farm in Samburu, Kwale County.

This $1.9 million project will include 38 cutting-edge wind turbines, as well as the necessary auxiliary equipment, overhead power lines, and access points.

Notably, the generated power would be smoothly integrated into Devki Steel Mills Limited’s Samburu plant’s existing substation and power transmission grid.

The wind power facility in Kwale County, if completed successfully, will become Kenya’s fourth significant power plant, joining the ranks of other major installations such as the Kipeto Wind (100 megawatts), Lake Turkana Wind Power Plant (310 megawatts), and KenGen’s Ngong Wind Plant (26.1 megawatts).

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