Kentucky Woman Quits Her Job After Winning $90K Lottery

Reshawn Toliver’s life was immediately revolutionized when she won $90,000 on a scratch-off lotto ticket. A Hopkinsville homeowner purchased five $5 Wild Cash Multiplier scratch-off tickets from a Skyline Fuel station last month.

Toliver added that she waited until she got home to scratch off her tickets, and when she did, she discovered that she had won the game’s grand prize by revealing three “7” symbols in Game 2.

She told lottery officials, “I expected another $5 win. “I rolled my eyes in frustration when I saw that,” according to WLWT.

Lottery officials explain that matching three similar symbols in a single game results in a prize payout. Toliver did won the game’s top prize of $90,000 thanks to her good fortune.

I yelled! “I’ve never hollered that loud before,” she said. Her son and boyfriend were oblivious of what was going on and asked if she was okay out of concern.

She remembered, “I needed to calm down. I was lost for a moment. One minute it’s like, “Breathe,” and the next, “Stop laughing.” I hear the scream over and again in my head.”

On March 4, she drove to the lottery offices and received a $64,800 check. She indicated that she planned to quit her job and explore other options, and that winning the lottery allowed her to do so.

“I was unhappy with my job, and God made a way,” Toliver remarked. “I felt bad leaving, but I’m relieved to be able to quit my job.”

Skyline Fuel will get $900 from the sale of the winning ticket.



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